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Modern Music Marketing

Modernize your music marketing and explore the behind the scenes of what it takes to succeed in the music industry – available on your favorite streaming platforms. Join our host, Andrew Southworth, to learn how to invest in yourself & grow your business. Learn actionable steps from success stories like The Anix, The Flashbulb, Patrick CC, Xan Griffin, Musformation (Jesse Cannon), Tommy Zee and more!

Our most recent episodes:

Six Figure Music Income & Sync Licensing feat. Eric Copeland (Make Music Income)

In this post I discuss making a six figure income with music, sync licensing, micro licensing and royalty collection wit…

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30 MILLION Spotify Streams Per Week feat. Alternate Side

Evange Livanos and Zack Zarrillo own a full service music management company called Alternate Side that rakes in over 30…

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250,000 Spotify Monthly Listeners in 2 Years feat. Chaitha

In this episode of Modern Music Marketing I talk to Chaitha about how he grew his Spotify to 250,000 monthly listeners i…

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Growing to 237,000 YouTube Subscribers feat. Trey Xavier

Trey Xavier started as a writer at the blog Gear Gods, grew their YouTube channel to 237k subscribers and then purchased…

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10k Streams in 6 Weeks for FREE feat. Ayaz Hussain from All About Helping

In this episode Ayaz Hussain & I talk about how artists can promote their music for free using social media. We also…

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The Full Story of SubmitHub with Jason Grishkoff

SubmitHub is a platform that connects music artists with curators. Jason Grishkoff is the founder of SubmitHub and in th…

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1 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify Featuring Smart Music Business

Manafest (Chris Greenwood) has about 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, has been signed to multiple record labels a…

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Making A Living In The Music Industry with Venus Theory

Venus Theory makes a living as a sound designer / music producer and YouTube creator with over 200k subscribers. Compani…

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