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Modernize your music marketing and explore the behind the scenes of what it takes to succeed in the music industry – available on your favorite streaming platforms. Join our host, Andrew Southworth, to learn how to invest in yourself & grow your business. Learn actionable steps from success stories like The Anix, The Flashbulb, Patrick CC, Xan Griffin, Musformation (Jesse Cannon), Tommy Zee and more!

Our most recent episodes:

Helping Artists Get Heard feat. Dorian Perron from Groover.Co

In this podcast I chat with Groover co-founder Dorian Perron about how their platform works, how Groover differs from th…

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Patrick Cc Music Marketing Interview
1 Million Spotify Streams in 2 Months with Patrick Cc

In this episode I talk to Patrick Cc about how he got 1 million Spotify streams in 2 months, how he grew his YouTube cha…

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Musformation Jesse Cannon Interview Modern Music Marketing
How Record Labels Market Music feat. Jesse Cannon (Musformation)

In this episode Jesse Cannon (Musformation) and I talk about how record labels market music, Facebook ads vs other music…

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SubmitHub Curator Talks to SubmitHub Founder Jason Grishkoff

I’m a SubmitHub curator, and Jason Grishkoff is the founder of SubmitHub. In this chat we talk about how SubmitHub…

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Ruslan KD Interview
How To Make A Living With Music – Feat. Ruslan KD

A lot of artists and producers want to know how to make a living with music, and Ruslan has done exactly that. Ruslan is…

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Storytelling with Facebook Ads feat. Circa from Indepreneur

In this episode I chat with Circa from Indepreneur about how to promote your music on social media through storytelling …

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