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Recent Posts

Spotify Royalty Study: Premium vs Free User Pay Per Stream

Spotify has premium plans and free ad-supported plans. Did you know that the amount of money you get paid per stream on Spotify varies depending on if the user listening is a premium user vs a free user? That’s right, not only does the exact v…

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AZ Studio Workstations Elite

Review: AZ Studio Workstations – Elite Sit-Stand Studio Desk

This is my review of the AZ Studio Workstations Elite Sit-Stand Studio Desk. This is a long one, so TLDR: I would not recommend AZ Studio Workstations because my frame broke within 24 hours, they sent me the wrong color / finish desk and their custo…

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How To Make It In Music feat. Ben Patterson

In this episode Ben Patterson, president of Downtown Artist & Label Services, and I talk about music marketing, the industry, Spotify’s changes and more! Listen on your favorite Podcast platform Important Points: Andrew and Ben talk about …

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Music Marketing For Major Record Labels feat Cassie Petrey

In this episode I spoke with Cassie Petrey, founder of Crowd Surf, who has worked on marketing campaigns for Backstreet Boys, Camila Cabello, Paramore and more! Listen on your favorite Podcast platform Important Points: Andrew and Cassie discus…

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Spotify Will Stop Paying Royalties on 67% of Tracks in 2024

Spotify is drastically changing their payment model in 2024, taking a harder (albeit still weak) stance against bots and limiting non-music noise content on the platform. Spotify estimates these 3 changes will add $1 Billion to the royalty pool over…

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Organic Music Marketing feat. Anthony Pacheco

In this episode Anthony Pacheco from Simpl and I talk about using organic social media content and ads to market your music. Listen on your favorite Podcast platform Important Points: Andrew and Anthony talk about focusing on organic socia…

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Spotify Algorithms Swirling Green

The Best Spotify Promotion Services

There are a seemingly infinite number of Spotify promotion services available online. To save you some time, here are the best Spotify promotion services that i’ve personally tried on my own music. Each of the companies on this list provide st…

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