About Music Growth Machine

Music Growth Machine is a blog by Andrew Southworth, owner of Genera Studios. I created Music Growth Machine so that I could start a more focused blog around music marketing content. I have a blog on the Genera Studios website but over the years its focused shifted, and I don’t enjoy the Shopify blogging platform as much as WordPress.

In case you aren’t familiar with me at all, most people either know me from my YouTube channel or my music. Here’s one of my music marketing videos:

And here’s a Spotify playlist of my solo music:

As of right now, March 2022, i’ve grown my channel to about 44,000 subscribers. I talk about music marketing and music business from the perspective of an actual music artist. Prior to talking about music marketing and music business I actually talked about music production on my channel, and prior to that I taught vocal lessons on my channel.

A lot of online music marketers aren’t coming from the perspective of being a music artist, which is totally cool when they’re giving solid advice, but I take pride in the fact my advice comes from my own personal experience and what I actually use myself for my music.

On Spotify alone i’ve gotten over 5 million Spotify streams at the time i’m writing this, over 2.7 million on my solo music. Here are my music projects:

There are other projects too!

I’ve been making music since around 2004 so its been a part of my life forever. The reason for the large amount of projects is I just like writing a lot of different types of music. Instead of letting it go to waste on a hard drive I try to put out whatever I can in the project it makes sense for.