Helping Artists Get Heard feat. Dorian Perron from Groover.Co

In this podcast I chat with Groover co-founder Dorian Perron about how their platform works, how Groover differs from the competition and paths artists can take to get their music heard.

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What is

Groover is a platform that connects music artists to music curators, radios and music pros to help them spread their music and/or get valuable feedback. Artists can research places to submit on the platform and pay 2 ‘Grooviz’ (2 Euros) per submission. Those curators must give at least 15 words of feedback for each track they listened to (sharing the song is 100% up to them, just like Submithub / PlaylistPush), and the curators receive 1 Grooviz in exchange.

Groover has separated themselves from the competition in several awesome ways. They’ve developed by focusing on specific local markets, starting in France and then Brazil etc. – this means you’ll find sets of localized curators you may have never found elsewhere. They also allow for 7 days for curators to reply, and provide plenty of training and support for their curators to understand the best type of feedback to give. In my experience feedback on Groover is better than the alternative. The filtering options are also unique, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for and even focus on localized markets.


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