SubmitHub Curator Talks to SubmitHub Founder Jason Grishkoff

I’m a SubmitHub curator, and Jason Grishkoff is the founder of SubmitHub. In this chat we talk about how SubmitHub was started, how it works behind the scenes, and how artists can improve their chances when using the platform. If you aren’t familiar with SubmitHub, basically its a tool for artists to market their music, by making it super easy for artists to pitch their songs to Spotify playlists, blogs, YouTube channels and more.

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What is SubmitHub?

SubmitHub is a platform that connects music artists with music curators in a way that makes it easier and more transparent for everyone involved. Artists can pay $0.8-$3 per submission depending on the curator and how many credits are purchased at a time, and curators must either approve the song or reject it with feedback.

For more information on SubmitHub and how it compares to PlaylistPush (and a $600 experiment I ran using them), check out this post I did here:

I also made a video showing how to best utilize SubmitHub as a music artist.

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