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Can You Profit From Spotify Streams with Facebook Ads?

In this post we’re going to talk about if its possible to profit from Spotify streams when using Facebook ads to promote your music. The answer is yes.

Promoting Spotify with Facebook Ads

If you aren’t familiar with how I use Facebook ads to promote my music on Spotify (and Apple Music, etc), i’ll give you a quick rundown. I create a conversion campaign and send people to a landing page and use the Facebook pixel to track when the user clicks the button to go stream my song. I test multiple audiences with multiple ads and try to optimize the campaign down to get me the most listeners per dollar.

If that sounds confusing to you, check out my detailed walkthrough on how to run a conversion campaign for Spotify streams. I also have multiple videos on the topic on my YouTube channel, here’s my most recent one right now:

Profit From Spotify

Believe it or not i’ve actually had this happen multiple times. I don’t usually make profit my main goal when promoting Spotify, its really more of a discovery platform to gain top-of-funnel fans and the profit comes later through other income sources, but it still happens every so often.

What makes this possible is largely Spotify’s algorithmic placements. When your song gets enough traction it can get an algorithmic Release Radar boost, but it can also get on Discover Weekly, Your Daily Mix, Radio and more. Discover Weekly has been the driver for every song of mine thats really popped off.

Wondering what it takes to get on Discover Weekly? I ran a study and figured out how many streams, listeners and saves you need to get on it. Check it out here.

My song Ascend by my band Murder Nite was released in August 2020. That month we spent around $300 on a Facebook conversion campaign driving people to Spotify over a four week period. Fast forward two years and the song now has nearly 500,000 streams and its brought in around $1,200 in revenue.

Check out this video to see the details:

More Resources

If you’re looking for an organized guide thats updated regularly with a community for you to ask questions, I have a course called Spotify Growth Machine that’s exactly that!

Spotify Growth Machine Course by Andrew Southworth

In addition to a more detailed walkthrough of everything we went over in this post, there is also an entire module dedicated to iOS14 domain setup, and a module with example ads. If you’ve ever wondered how the Facebook pixel works and how you can retarget people using custom audiences, thats covered in Spotify Growth Machine as well!