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1 Million Spotify Streams in 2 Months with Patrick Cc

In this episode I talk to Patrick Cc about how he got 1 million Spotify streams in 2 months, how he grew his YouTube channel, which music marketing strategies have worked and more! Patrick runs a YouTube channel where he talks about music, music marketing, music entertainment and does music review live streams – also he’s just a cool guy.

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Important Points:

  • Patrick discusses the importance of building an organic following on platforms such as YouTube or TikTok to achieve big streaming numbers.
  • Patrick is giving his best advice on how to get your YouTube channel jump started and the different types of content you can produce. After all, there are no limits to what an artist can feature on their channel. Patrick, for example, built up his following by featuring other artists and covering their scene on his channel and as they got more popular, so did he.
  • How you can use TikTok to promote your music successfully? Andrew and Chris talk about ways to do in an authentic way and why there’s more to TikTok than all the cringy videos of people dancing or singing along to corny songs.
  • Are Spotify’s pre-saves worth your time and effort? Andrew and Patrick share their experiences and why actually promoting your album when it is out might be more effective to get more streams.
  • Patrick explains why he decided not to release singles and instead release the full album. Andrew and Patrick also talk about why hyping up your album before it is out rarely works for upcoming artists.

Podcast Outline:

[02:22] Why Patrick quit at the peak of his music career

[08:15] How Patrick jump started his YouTube channel 

[15:35] Patrick’s best advice for musicians starting their YouTube channel 

[19:54] How Patrick produced an album without performing on it himself

[22:11] Why Patrick didn’t release singles before releasing his album 

[23:35] Why hyping up your release might not work for upcoming artists – Patrick Cc

[24:11] Why pre save campaigns on Facebook often don’t work – Andrew Southworth

[32:56] “I think that’s what makes the videos interesting because it feels relatable cuz I’m not like some genius like that did all this crazy research. I kind of like do it as I go.” – Patrick Cc

[33:39] “ TikTok is a huge gamble, but if it works, it works.” – Patrick Cc

[34:41] “what’s weird about EDM is, it doesn’t stream well, and it’s hard to get your name out there other than doing shows, doing shows is actually like a really good way to get your name out there.” – Patrick Cc

[37:13] How to drive up your streaming numbers and what to look out for with playlist promotions. – Patrick & Andrew

[37:35] “I would probably recommend Facebook or Instagram ads to an artist that’s like small” – Patrick Cc

[40:41] How to use DMs to find out if your ads are working – Andrew Southworth

[41:32] How to use TikTok to market your music – Patrick Cc & Andrew

Wise Words:  

[18:51] “Self-awareness is a very big key to success.“ – Patrick Cc

[23:35] “My advice to a lot of upcoming artists is like, don’t hype your music up because nobody knows who you are. So if you have somebody’s attention, make sure that they can go and check out your music right then and there, because it’s so fucking hard to get people’s attention.“ – Patrick Cc

[24:11] “And that’s one reason why I don’t tell people to bother a lot with pre save campaign in Facebook ads. It’s kinda like what’s, what’s in it for the person? And they can’t even go listen to it. It’d be better if they just kind of dropped it. And when they got their attention, the first time they had something, the person could actually go and do.”  – Andrew Southworth

[25:55] “(Spotify pre-saves) are essentially like a push notification. That’s really what it is.

It’s just like, somebody’s gonna get a notification when your shit drops, which is like valuable, but it’s not gonna. It’s not gonna make our break, you know, they might listen to it the next day or the next day or the next “ – Patrick Cc

[38:37] “Spotify playlist promotions, you can literally get your account banned. It’s risky. “ – Patrick Cc

[8:10] “TikTok. In fact, the more honestly, I think there’s a bigger opportunity for people that are very different because people like different things sometimes, or maybe TikTok needs something a little bit different.” – Patrick Cc

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