How To Make A Living With Music – Feat. Ruslan KD

A lot of artists and producers want to know how to make a living with music, and Ruslan has done exactly that. Ruslan is a Christian hip-hop artist that has built up a powerful brand on multiple platforms, and helps other artists do the same through his record label. Not only that, but he’s done it all organically without Facebook ads or playlist marketing. His Spotify is crushing it at 100k monthly listeners and 12,000 followers.

In this video he shares the #1 tip he’d give artists to succeed in 2020 (that he actually uses), some of the things he did to blow up on social media and promote his music, how he approaches running ads and marketing his music on Spotify, and the best social media platform for up and coming artists.

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Andrew Southworth

Andrew Southworth is a music creator, YouTuber and owner of Genera Studios. He's gotten millions of streams online and shares his techniques through his YouTube channel and courses on Genera Studios.

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