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Spotify Wrapped 2022 – Whats New?

Every year Spotify ‘wraps’ up your listening habits for the year in an experience they call Spotify Wrapped. Spotify Wrapped shows music fans who their favorite artists were all year, what genres they listened to the most and what songs they had on repeat. It typically also has some unique statistics where you can see how much of a top fan you are, or if you were a tastemaker this year.

Artists also get a Spotify Wrapped that tells them how their fans engaged with their audience. They can see how much their stats grew, what countries played their music the most and which other artists their fans also loved. This year in 2022 Spotify is giving artists some cool new tools to engage with their audience:

  • Personalized video that will be sent to their top fans
  • The ability to link a Shopify store and show featured products to their audience
  • Showcase tour dates
  • Highlight a fundraiser or donation link

If you’re an artist, make sure you do these things soon. Here’s a video going through these updates:

When does Spotify Wrapped come out?

Typically Spotify wrapped comes out on December 1st or early December. It’s possible they may change things this year but this is what they’ve done in previous years.

Are November and December shown in Spotify Wrapped?

Nope. Spotify Wrapped only includes 10 months of the year. It sounds like Spotify doesn’t roll these months into next years wrapped either. This is apparently so the Holiday season won’t skew the stats as much. They likely also need some time to process all the data for tens of millions of users.

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