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Growing to 400k TikTok Followers feat. Daniel Wall

Is TikTok for musicians? Well, music creator Daniel Wall managed to grow his music TikTok channel to 400,000 followers, so i’d say the answer is yes. We talk about how how many videos it took, what types of content worked, how he promotes his music on TikTok, and his plans if TikTok gets banned.

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Important Points:

Andrew and Daniel talk about how to use TikTok to grow a music platform. When it comes to being creative with the content that you create, it is something that you have to flex like a muscle. This will help you to find out what content resonates with your audience while still staying true to who you are.

Daniel shares his Tiktok strategy to get your audience’s attention, turn that attention into fans, and then try to move them to other platforms. He also shares his post-promotion strategy for releases.

Andrew and Daniel discuss the importance of doing research before you start creating content. What kind of content are successful people in your niche producing on each platform? What content is interesting for your subscribers as well as strangers? 

Andrew and Daniel talk about the time and effort it takes to build a following and why you should not expect to go viral overnight. The key is to be consistent and passionate with the content that you are putting out. You also need to stand out in a way and connect with people in the first millisecond of your videos to grab and keep their attention.

Podcast Outline:

[00:57] How Daniel got started with TikTok – Daniel

[02:17] Creating a snowball effect on TikTok – Daniel

[03:00] Going from zero to 10.000 followers – Daniel

[03:57] How many videos Daniel produced before reaching 10k followers – Daniel

[04:10] Why you need to be patient to gain presence and a following on a platform – Andrew

[06:21] Why research is crucial BEFORE you create content – Andrew

[08:27] What kind of content Daniel has found is the best to do on Tik Tok – Andrew

[09:19] “Understand what’s working on there, and then flip it on its head to fit you in terms of the content you wanna try to put out.” – Daniel

[09:31] Why expecting that your content will go viral will most likely leave you disappointed. – Daniel

[11:17] The problem with copycats on TikTok. – Daniel

[12:14] Why it’s so much easier to find content on TikTok than on YouTube – Daniel & Andrew

[15:20] Bite vs Tik Tok – Andrew

[15:59] The Triller platform – Daniel

[16:39] Facebook reels vs Tik Tok – Andrew

[18:07] What would happen if TikTok were banned and why it’s important to have your audience on multiple platforms. – Daniel & Andrew

[25:42] Why Twitter is probably the most toxic social media app – Daniel & Andrew

[26:40] Why you might not get any royalties when your music is being used on TikTok – Andrew & Daniel

[29:20] TikTok and brand deals – Daniel

[30:11] Selling products and services on social media. – Daniel & Andrew

[33:01] Using influencers to promote your music. – Daniel

[37:48] Responding to YouTube comments – Andrew

[39:18] Post-promotion strategy for releases – Daniel

[42:43] Engaging with your audience through text messages – Andrew

[45:36] Soundcloud vs Spotify – Andrew

[49:56] Why it’s not too late to join TikTok now – Daniel

[52:59] “Don’t obsess over the stats on every single post, otherwise your mental health will decline and try to make your content about you instead of just talking about music like talk.” – Andrew

[57:40] “The songs that did better were the ones where I really pushed towards and pushed content that wasn’t like “Listen to this song.” – Daniel

Wise Words:  

[01:34] “I think of creativity as a muscle that you need to flex, especially when making content.“ – Daniel

[02:17] “The thing about TikTok is it’s kinda like a snowball effect. When you have one video that does really well, everyone goes, and people will randomly follow you. And they’ll go to other videos that you’ve had and start blowing up those videos, and then TikTok will start recommending your content to more people.“ – b

[02:49] “The “For you” Page allows you to get a bunch of attention if you can turn that attention into more followers that move to other platforms. That’s really the way“ – Daniel

[06:21] “The thing with YouTube is, um, before I even shoot a video, I’ve done research on the topic to make sure that it’s something that people want, both from the subscriber’s perspective and from a stranger’s perspective. Like, is this something people are searching for? Is this something people are gonna watch?“ – Andrew

[09:26] “one of my pieces of advice would be have no expectations.If you’re expecting to go viral, you’re more likely to be disappointed, especially with all the stories you hear about really not putting in the time, the creativity to go into it.“ – Daniel

[52:59] “Try to make your content about you instead of just talking about music like talk. Maybe your time in the studio, talk about what’s going on in your life. Talk about maybe you have a second passion other than music.“ – Andrew

Resources Mentioned:

  • Daniel’s TikTok – link
  • Daniel’s YouTube – link

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