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DistroKid Launched a Mobile App

DistroKid launched an app for iPhone that lets you distribute your music, see streaming data and check royalties right from your phone!

DistroKid App Highlights

DistroKid, a DIY distributor, has launched a new mobile app that allows artists signed up to the service to upload new releases, access streaming stats, edit metadata and more from their phone.

According to Matthew Ogle, the company’s VP of Product, “The number one request we’ve gotten from DistroKid members is a dedicated mobile app.” He added, “With music consumption, promotion and increasingly even music creation happening predominately on mobile, we are meeting artists where they’re at, on their phones.”

The app enables users to upload unlimited new releases to streaming services and social media platforms, view streaming stats from Apple Music and Spotify, and get alerts when they’re paid, right from their phone. However, for now, the app is only available on iPhone. An Android version is currently in development.

Find out more about the app here.

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