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Apple Music Has Followers Now

Apple Music has finally added the ability for fans to follow their favorite artists on the platform. They’re calling it ‘Favorites’ instead of followers, but its the same thing.


When listeners add your artist page to their favorites in Apple Music, the following happens:

  • They’ll get notifications when you release new music
  • They can access your content on Apple Music in the Listen Now section
  • They’ll receive improved music recommendations based on your content

I think this is an awesome new feature, especially the part about receiving notifications when you release new music. Spotify’s follow system is about as good as a social media follow, where 90% of your followers don’t generally see your latest release because they aren’t notified in any significant way.


They’ve also updated their ‘Promote’ area to include template cards to encourage fans to add your music to their favorites.

If you aren’t familiar with the Promote feature on Apple Music, its just a way to easily create promotional images / video for your Apple Music profile. It isn’t anything too special, but it makes it very easy to post something on social media.

Hopefully Apple continues to expand the artist features on Apple Music. Spotify has been dominating them in this regard for years, but considering Apple Music roughly double what Spotify pays and has a fairly large market share, i’d love to see them fighting back with more features and analytics.

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