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Music Marketing Ideas

23 Music Marketing Ideas For 2023

If you’re a music artist, band, manager or label owner you need music marketing. The idea that great music will somehow just sell itself is a myth. Great music with no marketing will perform worse than mediocre music with great marketing. I&#8…

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DistroKid x Bandzoogle Acquisition

DistroKid Acquired Bandzoogle

Distrokid, the awesome music distribution company, has official acquired Bandzoogle, my least favorite website tool. Don’t get me wrong, Bandzoogle has great prices, great customer support and lots of templates. I just hate their awful website…

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Deezer Artist Centric Royalties

Deezer’s New ‘Artist Centric’ Model

Deezer is shaking things up with how it pays artists by adapting what they’re calling an ‘artist centric’ model. This model has some controversy because it comes from the CEO of Universal Music Group Sir Lucian Grainge. Here’…

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YouGrow Promo Spotify Review: Real Results

YouGrow Promo is a digital music marketing agency providing Spotify playlist services, YouTube ad services and TikTok / Instagram influencer services. In this post i’ll be reviewing their Spotify playlisting service specifically and showing yo…

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DistroKid vs CDBaby

Should Music Artists Use CD Baby or DistroKid?

At some point every artist will have to choose which music distribution company they use to distribute their music on streaming services. There are dozens of options out there but most artists ask if they should use CDBaby or DistroKid. In this comp…

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Apple Music Has Followers Now

Apple Music has finally added the ability for fans to follow their favorite artists on the platform. They’re calling it ‘Favorites’ instead of followers, but its the same thing. Favorites When listeners add your artist page to thei…

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Spotify Algorithms Swirling Green

How The Spotify Algorithm Works

The Spotify algorithm is made up of three main parts: Collaborative Filtering Collaborative filtering sounds fancy but its actually quite simple. Imagine if 100 people like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, but 10 of those people love Shawn Mendes while…

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